Friday, September 24, 2010


I trekked it out to the Shire (didn't see any Hobbits, much to my disdain), to meet up with my friend Alex, buying a coffee (skim capp. 1 sugar) from Edmunds and Greer. I go there so often I expect them in the near future to either rename the shop Chloe and Saintilan, or establish a private booth in the corner with plush blue cushions/bed/TV just for me. And the occasional guest, of course.

At Miranda, I was to realise I only had $10 on me. Thinking that I wouldn't be able to purchase anything with that seemingly low amount of $$ I wandered around the shops aimlessly, until...wait for it...I FOUND A DRESS FOR $10! It is GORGEOUS! It is sleeveless, stripy (navy blue and white) and really stretchy. My friend Alex warned me that maybe this dress was an impulse buy, and that I might find something better for $10. Being Chloe, I ignored her and proceeded to purchase the dress.

We then walked across the shopping centre, and at a shoe shop, the shoes which I had printed off the store's website and had stuck on my wall, which were listed as $50, had been reduced to TEN BLOODY DOLLARS. I then RAN MY LITTLE HEART OUT back to the 'dress' store, and they wouldn't give me a refund as it was a sale item. I was not a happy human being at that point in time, and struggled to control myself as I strutted out the door, muttering obscene words -usually condoned in society- under my breath. So there you have it folks, the moral of today is never to purchase something just because it's cheap- you may just find something better later, elsewhere. Just recounting this event in time has MADE MY RED BLOOD BOIL.

When I got home the phone rang, and I answered it grudgingly. 'Hello it's Chloe here who is it please?' (my usual answering sentence. Lame as it is, I have been doing it since I was 8 years old, it's become a habit SO DEAL WITH IT). AND GUESS WHO WAS AT THE END OF THE PHONE LINE:

ELENI ALL THE WAY FROM ATHENS! She was getting on a sea-plane to go to Santorini (a Greek Island- GOOGLE IT)!. I was screaming pretty loud as you would have guessed.

I am now off to babysit across the road until midnight. Farewell, cyberspace citizens, for the night being.

P.S. These holidays I am going to head out to the Glebe and Bondi know....FIND AWESOME (CHEAP) STUFF. Gotta problem with that? JOIN ME!

P.P.S. When I'm all grown up, I am going to show an interior designer this photo and demand them to make a study for my exactly the same, or I'll ask for a refund. Book included. KTHANXBI.