Friday, October 29, 2010

Kate said something alternative/indie for me to say, but I forgot it.

Today I did something terrible.

I allowed myself to walk into a shopping centre with all the money I had.

I spent it all.


Before the State Drama Festival, I bought a really cute dress, and on the way to the theatre I saw a gorgeous top and tried it on. I decided to test my self control, and to my surprise I somehow managed to put the top back and walk out of the store. Continuing on down the road, I said to myself "Wow Chloe, you have totally changed your showed some self control!". I said this in my head of course...what, you think I'm some weirdo who talks to themselves, like the drunk guy who was sitting opposite you on the train this morning? (*awkward silence*)

After we performed at the festival (which went awesomely), I decided to drop by my local Westfield to waste some time.

Bad decision Chloe. I spent the rest of my money. ALL OF MY BABYSITTING MONEY. But hey, on the way out I got a free Large Skim Capp. with one sugar for FREE because I did a 2 minute survey for Westfield. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING tastes better than free coffee.

In the past 2 days since I have posted I have had many life-changing realisations:
1. I HATE TOE RINGS. My EXTREME hatred for such insults to fashion is well summarised in the following quote made by my acquaintance Phoebe: 'Toe rings....should just go and die in a hole". AMEN TO THAT SISTER. Toes are gross. Rings on toes are grosser.
2. Everyone should read 'The Happiness Trap' by Dr Russ Harris. STOP STRUGGLING, START LIVING!. So motivational/inspiring, while pretty funny at the same time. It's a book entirely dedicated to happiness and how be genuinely happy. Guaranteed entertainment when read aloud at lunchtimes with friends.
3. Yoga is amazing. I started the new course on Wednesday night and I can truly say that it is amazing (couldn't find a better word...). I walked in to a dimly lit room with yoga mats and blankets spread out in a circle, calming music playing in the background. The session began with 5 minutes of just lying still, followed by an hour of yoga (which wasn't too difficult), and finished with 15 minutes of relaxation, where my instructor placed a blanket and an aromatherapy mask on my. I have NEVER been so relaxed in my entire life. When I stood up after the lesson had finished I nearly toppled over due to the fact that I was so relaxed.
4. Never eat chocolate mousse with musk-sticks and biscuits as forks, washing it down with lemonade. While it may be tasty/seem like a good idea at the time, when you feel like you are going to vomit just before you go on stage you will regret it. Promise.
5. I learnt how to say 'I want you' in Spanish: Te de so. To say to my chocolate bar, of course.

Ta taa my darrrrlings

P.S. Please excuse my lack of photos. Blame it on my stupid computer which WON'T LET ME UPLOAD ANY