Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Summary of my attempt at learning Spanish:
I throw my Spanish in the air somtimes saying
ayo nocomprehendo

I know Dynamite jokes are getting a tad stale/old/lame BUT COME ON PEOPLE. THIS IS PURE GENIUS.

Today was the NIDA HSC Drama Study Day which was pretty insanely informative, and to top it off I took a risk and wore my Nan's shorts and I'll definitely be wearing them again in the near future. I also took my new Topshop satchel which I am very protective of and LOVE (thanks again Eleni!). I think I may have found a monologue to do for the HSC but we'll see.

I now have money (and lots of it) from babysitting, I have been inspired to post fashion inspired photos. Speaking of fashion, I have very exciting news.


You may label me as 'lame' or 'immature' BUT BUT BUT I have never been before so I am embracing this new-found freedom (....?). The fashion-related aspect to this random tangent is WHAT DO I WEAR? I am so desperate for ideas that unless I think of something better, I am going to throw a white sheet over me and cut eye holes.

P.S. I really want a thick brown belt, a thin brown belt, a maxi-skirt and knee-high sock. That's all.

P.P.S. Love.