Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yesterday was pretty awesome. Allow me to explain.
I slept in (this is an achievement as usually everyday I wake up automatically at 6.15, but today was an exception). I then, using a large amount of self discipline, wrote a summary for everything we've done in Modern History this term, spanning over a whole 8 pages. By the end of writing the summary, I felt dizzy and WW1 had nearly driven me to insanity. I don't blame Moltke for screwing up everything for Germany- just one hour of writing notes on war plans gave me headaches. Nethertheless, I felt quite accomplished and thoroughly pleased whilst flipping through my new, fresh, NEAT set of notes.

I then met Eleni at Edmunds and Greer (it's become abit of a routine, you see), and EDMUNDS AND GREER WAS FULL (*shocked gasp*). Instead of panicking, I took 10 deep breaths, and walked inside where we ordered takeaway coffee instead of waiting for a table (which would have taken was hot, ok?). With our coffees, we walked along the line of shops were we all signed up for a new yoga class on Wednesday afternoons, then we proceeded to the bakery where we bought the last of the fresh white baugettes. The guy who works in that bakery is SO. CUTE. We then ate our baugettes and drank our coffees in a park under a really pretty tree/bush thing. Great description, but this tree/plant thing is HARD TO EXPLAIN (*cries*)

I came home, wrote a abit of my HSC drama monologue, then set off to babysit two very adorable children, AND I GOT A TIP. Snaps for me. After the kids went to bed, I watched Spiderman for the first time. You could imagine my reaction when I discovered that both TOBEY MAGUIRE and JAMES FRANCO were in it. How had I not seen this earlier? The movie was so good I looked around the house for the next two, found the third one, and watched it. I am now proud to admit I am a Spiderman convert.

Here is my song for the week:

Jackson's Last Stand from Ou est le swimming pool on Vimeo.