Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My new baby.

Yesterday I:


My life is complete. I am going to take it to school tomorrow and am actually going to DO SOME WORK (*shocked gasp*) in one of my 3 free periods that I have tomorrow. That's if I don't get distracted by taking photos on the laptop's insanely epic photobooth.....but I won't. IT'S YEAR 12 CHLOE. AND YOU HAVE 3 MAJOR WORKS. And, to rub salt into the wound, I already have a pretty poor standard of self discipline. Looks like I won't be spending every afternoon blogging and trawling Facebook!

I'm now filing through my brain's filing cabinets (which are close to empty), in an attempt to remember what I did over the weekend. Here we go:
-> I babysat on Saturday night (7.30-12.30) AND Sunday (from Midday to Midnight..GOT SO MUCH MONEY!)
->Lions Festival (See post below)

Overall it was quite a pleasant weekend and I rate it 6 out of a possible 10 stars.

Now onto Chloe's Discussion Topic for the week:
Now I know that this topic (and clothing item) is overkill, however upon seeing a woman at the station wearing the said clothing item, my hatred for this insult to fashion was reignited. Throughout the duration of my walk home, I brainstormed what one could possibly wear with Jeggings to pull them off (not literally). From the 30 minutes I pondered, I could only think of one possible scenario where Jeggings could work.


Why not just buy a pair of skinny jeans? LEGGINGS ARE NOT MADE TO BE WORN ALONE AS PANTS (unless you are exercising).
I'm glad I got this out of my system. What's also soothing is that I think the Jeggings phase has nearly reached it's grave, and hopefully it will stay there. FOR GOOD.

P.S. Eleni brought back from Topshop the UBER AWESOMEST satchel in the world......

P.P.S. James Franco is so gorgeous. AND HE'S SMART. Drool. Commence stalking.
P.P.P.S. I really really really want a Polariod camera so I can make a collage on my wall!