Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lions Festivale

TODAY MY FRIENDS WAS THE LIONS FESTIVAL! For those who live under a rock: The entire of Oatley village is transformed into an uber awesome festival.
I bought:
1x bag
1x Dip'n'Dots ice cream (Flavour: Chocolate)
1x Neenish Tart (Pink and jam..just the way I like it)
1x Diet Coke
1x Fishing Encyclopedia (For my little brother Chris)
1x Sour Rainbow Rope (For Chris...I'm such an amazing sister)
2x large skim capp. with one sugar

Yesterday I caught an evening session of Eat Pray Love and I must admit that despite the fairly negative reviews, I really enjoyed it- it is really inspirational/motivational to look at where you stand in life. Sounds cheesy, but if you see it you will understand what I'm saying. SO SEE IT!

If you are still sitting down in front of your computer you should slap yourself..FOR THE SECOND TIME NOW GO AND SEE EAT PRAY LOVE!

P.S. Before you pick up your wallet and dash out the door to watch Eat Pray Love, CAN SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO DO A FISHTAIL PLAIT. Kthnxbi.