Thursday, October 14, 2010

Skåne Län

Updates on my life:

1.I'm learning Swedish so I can talk to my friend Clare and no one will know what we're saying. Trippy.
2. I am now 4 days into year 12 and have ideas for all my major works, and have nearly chosen my Belonging related texts.
3. I haven't had a coffee all week and IT'S KILLING ME. I walk past two times every morning with the hope of scoring a free one but so far the plan has failed.
4. I saw Our Town at the Opera House, and the last act was quite magical.
5. I am nearly booked out for the next week in babysitting WHICH MEANS MAJOR $$$$ WHICH MEANS COFFEE!!!!
6. I love dumplings...and pork buns. I think I was Asian in a previous life.
8. I OFFICIALLY OWN A YOGA MAT and begin class next Wednesday....
9. I'm getting a laptop very soon!
10. I discovered just how easily people are influenced/changed by the people they hang around.......

So there you have it folks. My life for you. IT GETS BETTER! Promise....*awkward silence*

P.S. The 16 year old British diver Tom Daly is my new stalking subject.