Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 15

Day 15: Tell us about your favourite junk food.
I honestly can't decide whether I like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (I once ate a pack of 40 miniatures in an hour), or Smores more...
You may well be asking 'What the hell are Smores?'
Well, my friend, I shall write the procedure of making Smores in order for you to gain a further and wider understanding into the wonderful, heavenly eatable creations.

Step 1: Place an Arnott biscuit on a plate.
Step 2: Place a piece off cooking chocolate on said biscuit.
Step 3: Place a marshmellow on cooking chocolate
Step 4: Place a second Arnott biscuit on top of marshmellow
Step 5: Put in microwave
Step 6: Press START, and press STOP when the marshmellow looks as if it is about to blow up
Step 7: Immerse yourself in Smore-y goodness.

I'm actually going to bring the ingredients to school tomorrow and make them in the common room. Thanks random question people for the inspiration.

This weekend was quite 'happening'. Here is what I did, if you really do care enough to read my recount.
1. Saw Harry Potter 7 Part 1 Friday afternoon (read review below)
2. Babysat until 1 AM
3. Spent Saturday working on my bloody belonging essay
4. Saturday night in Stanmore hitting up a pretty sweeeeet party.
5. Sunday morning: Breakfast at a cafe with Mum
6. Met up with Eleni at Edmunds and Greer (hadn't actually been there in a while...)
7. Currently half-heartedly attempting to complete my belonging essay.

Really I should be off doing my essay, but I have some photos I would like your eyes to see.