Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7 (Part 1) verdict

Day 14: Do you have siblings? If so, talk about them.
Boooooorrriinngggg. Whoever wrote this '30 Day Blog Challenge' should stick to their day job.
I shall answer the question, however, as I do recall promising to complete this challenge.
I have:
1x Sister, Phoebe. Looks like me, is smart and organized. Likes Muse and feminism. Capable of saying snappy one-liners.
1x Brother, Christopher. 10 years old, plays AFL and the trumpet. Orange haired, however it's currently darkening to brown. He also swims and plays cricket (he won today)

Now for what you have all been waiting for, folks!

Overall, it did justice to the book, and is by far the best movie installment of the series (the next best, in my opinion, being number 3), with the special effects/casting being EXCEPTIONAL (I was particularly impressed with Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour). I never, and I repeat NEVER cry in movies, however cried not once, but TWICE in this one.

However, to my dismay there were a few moments in the book that I love which were for some reason left off the script. These were:
1. After Ron destroys the locket, he begins to cry over the image of Harry and Hermoine, and Harry comforts him, resulting in a touching man-to-man conversation where Harry tells Ron how Hermoine has only ever loved him as a brother figure....I cried in the book.
2. Before Bathilda Bagshot comes along, as Harry and Hermoine are gazing at the ruins of Harry's childhood house, a memorial is supposed to appear (invisible to muggles), speaking about what happened on that fateful night and how Harry's parents will always be remembered. Signitures also begin to appear, aswell as words of encouragement and support to Harry and his endeavours.
3. Before Xenophilius Lovegood calls on the Deatheaters to his house, Harry, Hermoine and Ron have a special moment where they see that Luna has painted a picture of the group of friends on the roof of her room
4. When Harry and Hermoine turn on the radio to find the boys at Hogwarts's show 'Potterwatch'.
5. The movie didn't really do much with the sub-plot of Harry questioning Dumbledore's character, with Harry finding out more and more about his past, particularly regarding his sister and Grindlewald.

So there you have it, my friends. Overall I rate it 8.5/10. It finished at a GREAT moment but I felt that the movie was just hitting its stride when it finished, however this may be a good thing in terms of setting the scene for the next movie.

Today I am writing my Belonging essay (kill me now), buying hair dye, and maybe going to a party. To party or not to party? That is the question.


P.P.S. I experienced Breadtop, and had a Chocolate Horn which Jem kindly paid for. It's best described as a chocolate croissant on steroids (the inside of the pastry is chocolate ganache)