Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hitting up the New Town

Day 3: What is your favourite TV Show?
Modern Family. No reasons needed. Maybe Glee aswell, however the storylines are becoming a tinsey bit bland...

Today was an above average day. Allow me to explain, my friends.
We selected Newtown to hang out as EVERY SINGLE TIME we go out together we always go to George Street Cinemas and then hang around that area. So today was an adventure.

We met at the station, then headed up, then down, then all around Newtown trying to find Doitao Thai. Getting lost inorder to find it was worth it. Before we ordered we all decided to be experimental and try a diverse range of dishes, however when the waitress came we all ordered Pad Thai (it's yummy ok?). For $10 each we all got a HUUUGGEE Pad Thai each and none of us could finish them so we are all having them for lunch tomorrow (nothing, I repeat, NOTHING beats leftover Pad Thai). At the restaurant I had a near-death experience of locking myself in the bathroom. I have been phsycologically scarred for life.

We then wandered around King Street and....wait for it....I BOUGHT A MAXI SKIRT! It was from Tree Of Life and had been reduced from $30 TO $8.75!!!! I could not believe my eyes. I had an embarrassing experience at the shop where I had previously tried on a necklace at the store and had forgotten to take it off, and had it on when I was buying my skirt and everything. No wonder I was getting wierd looks from the shop assistant.....well she shouldn't sneer at my stupidity as I overheard her telling another shop assistant how she ate a chilli thinking it was capsicum....

After my embarrassing experience had concluded, we walked around FOR EVER trying to find Black Star, a patissere which was written up in the Sydney Morning Herald as having the best chocolate eclairs in the whole of Sydney (under 'Food you must try in Sydney before you die'). We walked up the whole of Kings Street, asked people in shops where it was, to find out it was the opposite end. Finally arriving outside Black Star we realised that we had walked past it. TWICE. The chocolate eclairs there are TO DIE FOR (I'm not joking). Instead of cream inside, it's CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. It's a hefty $4.50 but it is TOTALLY worth it. Droooooooooolll. They do good really good coffee too.

There is a really cute boutique next to Black Star where Cindy bought a pair of Levi high waisted shorts for $29!!!! I was talked out of buying a pair of reading glasses (they were only $15), but I WANTED THEM SO MUCH because they made me look so intelligent. So intelligent.

We then bought Nina's Chocolates (I got a Pink Flamingo) and caught the train home. The End.

Oh and I bought the black knee-high socks on my wishlist (and I bought some grey frilly ones too), so now I need to get the tights on the girl below! When I get more money, of course....

P.S. HAPPY 7/11 DAY! I got my free slurpee :)
P.P.S. Darren Criss in Glee: Kurt's future boyfriend? Even if he isn't I LOVE HIM IN THIS SONG!