Monday, November 8, 2010

I have the coolest little brother

He has called his new baby guinea pig Ziggy Stardust.

Day 4: Talk about your closest friend(s)
This question is really difficult to answer, as
A)I have numerous close friends
B) I wouldn't want to offend anyone

I used to not be able to say who my best friends were, but time has seen a few friendships endure fights/moving schools/growing up. My relationships with my friends are very much based on trust (.....I'm a tad too sensitive) and as it stands today I have around 5 really 'close friends'. They're of both sexes, and some of them I have known since I was 5 months old, others I only met in the past 2 years (but feel as though we've been friends the same length of time as the one's which whom I've been friends with since babies). It sounds cheesy but I'm seriously the luckiest girl in the world to have such amazing friends....I apologise if you just vomited due to my cheesiness.....BUT DEAL WITH IT. I HAVE COOL FRIENDS OK?

P.S. I was just thinking about The OC and thought about this song. It's a tad depressing/emo but I personally think it's a really beautiful song.