Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Neeeeed Cooffee-hhh

Day 5: What are your 3 favourite colours?
This is a question of the 'very, very dull' kind, however if you care enough about my answer to continue reading, then my three favourite colours are:

You are probably saying 'OMG BLACK ISN'T A COLOUR'. Well, honey, black absorbs all frequencies of light in the visible spectrum producing the colour black. So there. Black.Blaaaaccccckkkkk.

Today was one of those really, really boring/dull days. I didn't have any money for a coffee, consquently sufferring coffee-withdrawal symptoms for the better part of the day. Despite my sulking, I am really enjoying the book I'm reading right now (Fateless), about a young boy at Auschwitz. It's really sad but beautifully written.

My agenda for the rest of this evening consists and consists only of:
You may have seen him in A Very Potter Musical (if you live under a rock and consquently don't know who/what this is, click here). He's the guy singing in the Teenage Dream video I posted a couple of days ago. Droooooll. The episode BETTER BE GOOD BECAUSE I'M SKIPPING YOGA FOR IT!