Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's hot.

Really, really hot.
When it's hot = laziness
Laziness= not going to write much on blog
Not going to write much on blog= going to post pictures instead.

Before I post my photos and go to make myself another milo, I shall say this and this only.
THE SOCIAL NETWORK IS AWESOME. I watched it last night (after I bought that pair of shoes I was stalking), and I must say that it is indeed a movie of the epic sort. I especially liked it when he threw beer bottles at the wall.

That is all.

For the final movie coming out next year, I've decided I'm going to organise a huge flash-mob in the city (I'm thinking the intersection outside the QVB at Town Hall), where half of the participants dress up as Voldemorts Army, the other half as Hogwarts students, and when the clock strikes midday everyone runs onto the road and starts battling it out with spells etc. I'm excited already.
Here is a Harry Potter related photo to celebrate.

P.P.S. Be jealous due to the fact that I am off for dinner tonight at our family friend's house who is a Thai cook and was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald....
P.P.P.S. This puppy is the cutest thing since James Franco's face.