Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kill me?

Day 19: What was the last movie you saw in the theatres?
Harry Potter 7 Part 1. Please don't get me started on Ron's amazingness.

My assessment week is this week. Modern History is tomorrow, and I'm currently desperately trying to memorise some 'smart' sounding sentences.

To lighten up this otherwise depressing post, I have funny story to tell. My friend's boyfriend just told her that he's gotten a mowhawk and is dying his hair 'hawaiian blue' tomorrow, despite her begging him not too.
This puts my life into perspective. Maybe it isn't so bad.
No, forget that- I have no money for coffee, reinforcing the fact that this week will be pure hell.
I need more icing sugar.....

Taa taaaaaa!

P.S. Stephanie, I want to see your new bracelet.
P.P.S. I can't get over my awesome photography skills.