Thursday, November 4, 2010

The train series Part 2: Lads on a train

I have had many enjoyable (and twice as many non-enjoyable) experiences on trains. Allow me to share a highlight of my 'enjoyable train experiences' file in my brain. Two days ago I was on the way home from seeing a play, seated by myself on one of those semi-decent country trains. Two tough looking Islander teenage guys walked on board and sat down on the seats about 3 rows ahead of me.

I was desperately attempting to finish reading a book for English, however my mind drifted over to their conversation. It was so enjoyable/amusing/insightful to listen to. They were talking about girls. Being the investigator/stalker I am, I grabbed out a notebook and began to write down a bit of the dialogue. I was a bit disappointed as I missed out on the majority of the conversation due to my reading however I did manage to catch the last of it.

[In a tough, 'Laddish' voice]
Boy 1: ...yeah. You've got to like, acknowledge them [girls].
Boy 2: Yeah....acknowledge them.
Boy 1: I've learnt that they really like it when you're talking to your mates and you turn around to them and say 'oh hi! Didn't see you there!'
Boy 2:'ve got to ease up to them. But like, don't become their best friends or anything
Boy 2: have to stay mysterious

As you can imagine, I was trying to hold in my laughs. I was giggling partially because of that they were saying (...stay mysterious?) and partially due to the fact that they looked SO tough in their singlets, cargo shorts and Nikeys. It's nice to know that even though a lot of people put on 'tough' masks, acting as though they could kill a kitten, deep down they still have a soft and romantic side.
P.S. My image uploader is once again working, so as a celebration I posted a photo of a very decent looking young man

P.P.S. I think I just found the best/cutest Halloween costume. EVER.