Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 only ends once

Wow. This time last decade I would have just finished kindergarten. Look how much my life has progressed since then...I'm in year 12 now and in a year I won't even be in school. It's kind of sad and scary that so much can happen in 10 years. I wonder how different my life will be 10 years from now...

For me, while 2011 will have the occasional social gathering, my life will consist of school. I know that sounds depressing, but I don't want any regrets. It's only 3 terms, and after that I have the rest of my life to party as much as I want. I have worked pretty consistently throughout my schooling career and I don't want to let myself down in the final stretch. If my ATAR doesn't reflect how much I have worked I will be pretty disappointed, hence the draining of a portion of my social life. I think that if you are in my position, going into year 12, and hope to get into your desired uni course too, you should take up this mentality. Don't screw things up when it's only 3 more terms! 3 MORE TERMS OF SCHOOL. 80+ YEARS TO PARTY YOUR BRAINS OUT

I can't believe that we are already 2 weeks into the holidays! I have aside 2 more days to be free before I get off my lazy ass and do some school work. My To-Do List (Christmas Holidays Edition) consists of:
  • Fiftieth Gate questions
  • Belonging creative
  • 4 Unit English- finish reading Hope and Memory and also read the two bought books.
  • History Extension- START WRITING
  • Drama: find A BLOODY MONOLOGUE (or try and write one....?), do practice HSC papers, and read the millions and millions of booklets Surbs printed out for us
  • Ext English: Write out notes
  • Modern: Finish notes for WW1 and do some reading on Trotsky
  • Legal: Cry over my terrible exam mark, gather some articles on refugees, cry some more, eat Cornettos as comfort food, read abit of text book, and cry
So there you have it. My recent events have seen me swimming at Bundeena, going to ma homie's houses, getting sunburnt, saying Your Mum alot, drinking coffee, taking lots and lots and lots of photos (when my computer stops being a poo you will be able to see some), watching Pride and Prejudice, playing Wii and eating Picnic bars.

WANT TO KNOW something which really pissed me off? That stupid teenager who put up the naked photos of the AFL players. My Mum said "Good on her for exposing them for what they are!". I say: Good on the AFL lawyers for sueing her ass off. I got grounded for saying ''ass", but at least I made my point. What angered me the most is that now she wants to become an ambassador for girls who have been 'abused but AFL players'. HONEY. YOU WALKED AROUND TO THEIR CHANGEROOMS AFTER A GAME ASKING TO GO BACK TO THEIR HOTEL ROOMS. Oh, and she also has a criminal record. Not exactly the ideal ambassador. I have a better, more appropriate term to describe her: FAME WHORE