Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pack yo boxes

I have to admit that leading up to Christmas this year I wasn't really in the 'Christmas Spirit'. Going to get the annual Santa photo in David Jones at the city and looking at the window puppet displays usually makes me excited about Christmas, however this time I was waiting for the feeling and it didn't come. Christmas Eve's day was spent watching my related text for History and Memory, under a quilt in my room, drinking iced tea and being anti-social. However, it was when we left at 8.30 PM to a family friend's party, and greeting and laughing with familiar faces that I began to be overwhelmed with the familiar and missed feeling of Christmas Spirit. As I was talking to a guy about Cuba, I realised that the source of the Christmas Spirit is not Santa or presents. What defines Christmas is people coming together and being genuinely happy- genuine happiness is the Christmas Spirit. My little brother, who I haven't been able to talk to much due to recent exams, slept up in my room, telling me how he was nervous for Santa coming and had 'butterflies in his stomach', which reminded me of my childhood when I would feel exactly the same way of Christmas Eve. Despite me being 16 and Santa not being real in my world anymore, this Chrismas has shown to me that no-one is ever to old for Christmas, and not being religious/not believing in the nativity isn't an excuse for not enjoying the Christmas Season, due to the fact that Christmas day is purely for being with the people who make you happy. The Christmas Spirit is not unique sensation. It's just happiness, and this feeling comes at Christmas time when for once you can put aside your troubles temporarily and spend this time with the people you love.

This Christmas I was spoilt, despite me not really deserving it. My favourite presents were:
  • Double bed
  • Wii (the red one!)
  • 14.1 Megapixel camera
  • Seafolly bikini
  • A beautiful China teapot
    Today I went to the Boxing Day Sales in the city. Myer was absolutely disguisting- I couldn't even move. However it was great to get some retail therapy and spend my money/vouchers.