Monday, December 27, 2010


I've figured that the best days are the ones which are spontaneous. Today Cindy called me and said "I'm on the train now, see you at 12 at Town Hall?". I had forgotten and was lying on my bed eating a Picnic Bar. I leaped into clothes, packed my camera, sprinted to the station and jumped on a train....AND I ARRIVED IN TIME! It ended up being a cute day with Phoebe, Cindy and Eleni. We were going to see a movie but ended up trying to get up Centerpoint Tower, and failed- you HAVE TO PAY MONEY TO GO UP. GAH. So we stood in the lift for around 5 minutes thinking that we were going up Sydney Tower when really we were just on level 5 at Sydney Westfield. We then went to Pancakes on the Rocks (they make suprisingly good coffee), and waitress looked like Emma Watson. Later I bought an amazing pair of loafer shoes which I was going to buy for full price last week and WERE ON SALE FOR $10! I had spent the rest of my money on pancakes so Eleni very kindly paid for them. I only have to pay her back if I don't have a New Years Eve. I'm currently negotiating with Mum.
  I took around 50 photos but only some of them uploaded before my battery died. WATCH THIS SPACE BRO.