Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 1/30

DAY 01: Your current relationship; if single discuss how single life is:
I answered this question in the last 30 Day Challenge...but if you're really that interested:
 My current relationship is with.......
My 4U English major work, Frankie.
We're really happy together, and I know it's going to be long-term which is what I was looking for. We've become really tight over these holidays, and he's great to snuggle up to when I'm feeling lost about life and need a release. We've had our ups and downs but I know this is going to last.
I'm kind of confused at the moment if you haven't noticed...

Today was not of the good sort. Want to know why? Please see below!
  • I walked through the biggest spiderweb in the history of life whilst walking my dogs
  • I got locked outside and fell asleep on the trampoline resulting in a sunburn
  • Didn't finish setting up my star projector....will be hopefully finished by tomorrow in time for my new bed
  • Had to decipher 3 whole emails from my 4U English mentor which she wrote entirely in capitals. Why, Ms Ordell, why?!?
  • I sat on my bed the whole day.....
  • I'm stressed about numerous aspects of life. I wish yoga was tonight. I need my instructor Rachel's soothing voice. And the yoga room's scented candles and relaxing music. And middle-aged men failing at doing downward-facing dog
  • Didn't finish If On a Winter's Night a Traveller like I had planned....FML
  • Realised that I have an entire 592 page book for 4U to read before school goes back...yay
Phoebe is currently reading the classic Middlemarch, written in the 1850's. In the book, their way of saying 'shut doooowwnnn' is 'you got screwed in the mouth'. Provided us both with much entertainment. I'm so mature.