Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, um, yeah....sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. This post is thanks to Eleni popping up on Facebook chat saying UPDATE.

I honestly can not believe that we're all heading back to school in less than two weeks. Usually the Christmas holidays come to point where I get bored. That hasn't occurred yet this time round. It's funny though because these are the first holidays where my family hasn't actually gone away, and rather than travelling alot I've been staying fairly local. I've been dog sitting the dogs across the road (raking in the $$), and it's a pretty awesome house. The owners said that I can use their pool and gym so I've been having friends over there (with the owners' permission...of course...).

Throughout the duration of these holidays I have had my fair few meltdowns regarding my 3 major works.
4 UNIT ENGLISH: Was so motivated towards the end of the term and now I'm lost. I sent a frantic email to my mentor so things are looking up....but still...it's a 4000-6000 word essay amongst all the other things on my plate.
EXT. HISTORY: My debate is so complicated even I can't understand it anymore. I've written 1500 words but I don't really know where I'm going with it.

DRAMA: I have 3 monologues, one which I really like but isn't long enough. I need to get off my ass and look around for more.

Tonight I am off for karaoke in the city. Time to show off my ....awesome....singstar skills.  
P.S. I WANT THESE SHOES. If only I could shrink a little bit so I could wear them without looking like a giant.....