Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crying tears of hot chocolate...

That sentence was completely irrelevant to everything. I just felt like making the title of this post something random..

Day 21: Your favourite TV show.
I CANNOT chose between Skins and Modern Family, which I find hilarious as they have absolutely NOTHING in common. Except that they're not animated. But seriously.

Sooooooo the past two days have been relatively awesome. Why? Because:
1. I dyed my hair chocolate-brown. It's not permanent but by the time it rinses out I'll have enough money for BLUE TIPS. Good plan Chloe, good plan. 

2. A group of juniors cleared the back seat of the bus for me after I have them the best glare of my life. I was also walking out of the bathroom at school, where a group of year 7s were blocking the exit, and I said 'Excuse me, ladies'. They scurried out of my way and every single one of them apologised. I have now understood how to properly manipulate human beings under the age of 14.

3. The parentals are on a 'twilight tour' of a school for Chris (my little brother), and I thought that Mum hadn't left me any dinner, then I opened the fridge to find that she HAD BOUGHT ME INDIAN. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

4. I've mastered falling asleep in the common room....not sure if this is a good thing....

5. I forced myself to book a spot in the new 6 am yoga class on Friday mornings. Better have an early night tonight....

6. I realised that next week is awesome, due to the fact that: I have an excursion on Monday, mufti day on Tuesday, last swimming carnival ever/MY BIRRRRRTTTHDDAAYAYAYAYAAYAY on Wednesday, an excursion on Friday, and I'm seeing one of my friends perform at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday night. LIFE IS GOOOOOOO0O0O0O0O0OD.


P.P.S. I am actually going to go and do some work now

P.P.P.S. I CANNOT STOP SINGING THIS STUPID SONG. IT'S HYPNOTISING. I swear it's zombie propaganda published to brainwash us. It's working.
There's a zombie on youurrr laaawwwwnnn