Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama self.

Such an epic pun. Thanks Jem.

Day 20: Your views on education.
I think that education is definitely one of the most important aspects of childhood, and although it is a universal right to primary education, it honestly makes me so sad that there are so many children out there who will never learn be able to write their own name or read a book.
For a long time I took my education for granted and only recently have I really been attempting to make the most of all the oppertunities I have. I'm pretty lucky.

Here's what I did on Valentine's Day:
  • Woke up at 6 AM
  • Phoebe gave me a hand-made top which has 'All by myself' written on it
  • I get an extra-large coffee at Central (need the extra caffeine....). I ask the couple if they are doing anything special for Valentine's Day, to which she replies 'Yes.....you don't want to know'. Reow. Glad to know that they've still got that spark ;).
  • Arrive at school wearing my new awésomeT-shirt over my blouse
  • Sit in common-room eating Carol's home-made chocolate and other flavoured home-made lollypops
  • Kate gives me an úber awesome bracelet that she made for me....I'm baking her love-heart cupcakes..
  • Lunch: Sing 'All by Myself' with Jedda and various other lost souls. The video clip to that song is too hilarious for words. So. Lame.
  • Get banned from singing the song in the common room
  • Come home, continue singing song, Dad bans from singing song at home. Where do I sing the song now!
  • Alllllllllll by mmmyyyyseeellffff......
  • Sit in bed on Facebook, alone (unless you count fb as socialising....) in the dark with my love-heart fairy lights on. Single life CAN be fun!
If you haven't been bored to death yet, please put up with the following rant. I need to get it off my system.
HORSE RACING IS REVOLTING. It's animal cruelty and I honestly do not understand why in this day and age it hasn't been made illegal. It's disgusting- exploiting horses purely for the purpose of profit. I'm going to e-mail Greenpeace...........