Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 18. Come at me brah.

Yah so like I haven't even given up on this 30 challenge yet.

Day 18: Your beliefs
What a broad question. I honestly don't know how to answer that. You, mysterious 3rd person question asker, could be asking about my beliefs regarding religion (you did ask me one on that subject previously though), human existance, love, Lady Gaga, Switzerland, extraterrestrial life, the Universe, sex, ice-cream, marriage, musicals, teenage angst, Tzvetan Todorov, or my Mother's banana cake. You need to sharpen up your questions if you want quality answers.

Today was immediately filed in my 'FML Day' file.
Why, you may ask? The following reasons justify my statement:

  • No money for coffee
  • Fell asleep in the common room so I didn't get work one
  • Spilt my hot pasta on my blouse, resulting in me having to wear a jumper for the rest of the day. Yeah, the heat made it not all that pleasurable
  • Sulked at the fact that I'm not seeing Phoenix at Good Vibrations
  • Was given an essay in Ext. English written by a girl last year- so sophisticated that I couldn't understand a word of it...........seriously.
  • Ms Ordell wasn't as school, consequently meaning that I didn't get any critical feedback for the weekend
  • Dropped my super cool drink bottle on the wooden floor so the lid half-broke
  • Dropped my box of Smiggle highlighters all over the wooden floor so they scattered everywhere
The day got better after lunch though- Cindy and I went a bit crazy with the web-cam on my laptop. No comment. 

This weekend is jam-packed:
  •  Legal- page on State Sovereignty
  • Ext. History work on the Annales historians
  • Finish E.H. Carr questions
  • Drama logbook
  • Find a related text for post-modernism
  • Orlando essay
  • Russian Revolution notes
  • Party
  • State Library
  • Eat Macaroons at Lindt Cafe
I really, really want this ring. Really. If anyone sees it/has seen it in a shop, could you pretty please shoot me an email to the address on my Penpals page? Maybe we'll find success like with the star lamp!
The following photos make me really happy. Don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm so overtired...

Oh yeah, and one day I'm going to have a festival romance. At Glastonbury Festival, of course. What of it.