Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am sixteen, going on seventeen....

I'm sorry. I just HAD to make the Sound of Music reference....seeing as though....

Day 25: Someone who fascinates you and why
Eva Braun, who was Adolf Hitler's mistress/secret girlfriend. She truly fascinates me as I don't understand how she could be with someone who was capable of committing such inhumane acts. How she loved him so much that she could just ignore the atrocities which were taking place throughout her country at his hands. No matter how had I try I can't understand her actions and how she, let alone anyone, could be in a relationship with a man like Hitler.

On a lighter note,
It's the swimming carnival tomorrow so basically I'm dressing up in a fluro green leotard and eating Clare's chocolate mousse cake and Jem's Reeses Peanut Butter Cup cake.....omgyumzomg

There were a number of revelations in my life today:
1. I really, really hate moths. I saw one with a really big abdomen so I called it Kim Kardashian
2. Cars are hilarious. Maybe it's because I was overtired, but when I was on the bus this morning I honestly couldn't stop laughing. It's people in boxes with wheels....hehehehehe...
3. My birthday is tomorrow. Yiiippeeeee. My little brother asked me what I wanted and I said a nerf gun..woot
4. My essay for post-modernism really is quantity not quality....time to start again...
5. 'Dramastically' is not a word. Turns out it was just a word in my head, where I had combined the words dramatic and drastic
6. Cindy is so honest! A $20 note dropped out of the pocket of the guy walking in front of us, and she picked it up and ran after him and returned it. GOOO CINDDYY.