Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 27: What kind of person attracts you?
Here are a couple of characteristics that I find attractive in ONE SENTENCE :0
A great deal of confidence has a sense of humour, able to laugh at themselves, ability to bitch (or listen to me bitch), intelligent, cute smile, can't be short (sorry but it's true) , treats girls nicely, wears a scarf in Winter, same values (not same opinions though because I like arguing), romantic but not cheesy, cute, not wannabe indie, well-dressed, drinks coffee (this is negotiatble), doesn't have mullet/rattie/tattos, similar aspirations/goals in life, gives good hugs, has cute hair, can cook well, has a certain sex appeal, able to be an active participant in deep conversations about the meaning or life, or conversations about nothing at all, no facial hair unless it looks sexy, can debate, is just an interesting character, is little bit weird, appreciates education, doesn't think they're awesome, doesn't use pick up lines unless used in an ironic manner, doesn't smoke, can speak abit/all of another language, has alot in common with me, able to teach me things/random bits of information, and is honest.

Twas the best ever. I woke up to a huge cooked breakfast with the largest bunch of flowers I've ever seen, opened all my presents from Mum and Dad (loads of stuff to pimp out my room should SEE my bed now), little brother gave me a mega nerf-gun, went to the swimming carnival where I got spoilt by friends (I even had a song written for you Clare), sung songs all day, was driven by Kuan to Coogee with Cindy and Phebus, drank yummy juices in a boat talking about how we resemble characters in Ice Age, went home and liked AND REPLIED to every Facebook birthday message, had a shower where there was no conditioner, got in the car, went to a water-front place for dinner, my uncle from Geneva came, got spoilt again by extended family, went home, replied to more FB messages, went to sleep in my pimped-out bed. I'm getting a new phone tomorrow with some of the money I got....I'll keep you posted!

Alsooooo my Aunty gave me a special card for me to have my hair and make-up done by Paul Bedggood for my formal!!!!! Google him!