Friday, February 25, 2011


Day 28: A problem that you have had.
My essay on Post-modernism.....guess what I'm spending Saturday doing?

Today we had this psychologist come and talk to our grade about stress-relief. Most girls found it pointless but I found it so useful! She basically emphasized that it's not the situation itself that makes you stressed but how you deal with it/what you think to yourself about it. Positive thoughts FTW!

This weekend shouldn't be too bad. I was supposed to babysit tonight but they called up to cancel soooo tonight will be a nice night with my tea, fairy lights and double bed. Oh and answering Formspring questions...shoooo much fun. The only abuse I've gotten was basically saying that I'm a 'judgmental bitch'....I laughed out-loud (LOLEEEEEDD) for two reasons:
1. Soooo ironic
2. I know who the person is...this just shows that I'm rarely judgmental in the first place to know who it was! Harrr haarrr haaarrrr...

On Sunday I'm going to the Museum of Contemporary Art to watch my friend James play at a night for youth. Tres excited, however have no idea as to what to wear....the theme is neon. Better start going through my wardrobe now.

Tomorrow I'm posting two things:
1. You know how I did the 'ideal boyfriend age guide' a couple of months ago? I've got a new one but from the guys perspective and their ideal ages for's so different!
2. Cindy, Kuan and I separated guys into 4 catagories and we wrote the respective characteristics for each was a pretty hilarious process.

P.s. I lurvvee this quote. Fanks Picasso.

P.p.s. This song is great. Not just because it's Phoenix. It makes me happy. I guess every Phoenix song makes me happy.