Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm so lazy

Sorry that I've missed two days of the 30 Challenge. I hope that you didn't miss my wise answers and that you didn't die out of sadness.

Day 15: Your favourite Tumblrs
I don't really have a favourite Tumblr. I like to go on random ones every so often due to the fact that they're all unique and have their own style of photos that the person selects to post.

Day 16: Your views on mainstream music
I seriously want to punch the screen when people join the groups 'Like if you knew a song before it became Maintstream'. It's mainstream because more people like you listened to it and liked it! Mainstream has somehow become a genre rather than 'music that is currently popular', the prime example being anything by the lovely, classy Keisha. If that's how you spell it. Maybe the I comes before the E, but I dislike her so much that I'm not even going to Google it. Yeah, I'm ruthless like that.

Today was definitely put in my 'Above-Average-Days' file. To cut a long story short, I found a wallet this morning, and with Phoebe and Alisha, we managed to return it safely back to its owner who was:
A sexy, 26 year old stockbroker who lives in an apartment on Bondi Beach.
Yeah, be jealous. The office ladies were even swooning over him when he came by the front office to pick up the wallet and give us a nice big box of chocolates.

Yesterday evening I went to HSC Onstage, which is a showcase of the best performances, group and individual, of last years HSC. It was my 3rd HSC Onstage and, to be honest, I felt that the standard was far lower than the previous two years I've been, with the exception of the last two performances. On the way to the theatre I found the most INSANE bookshop in Newtown. It's basically a 2 story barn filled to the brim with books that aren't in order. I found an ancient, hard cover copy of Jane Eyre which had tea stains and water-colour illustrations. DEFINITELY going back there.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Greenpeace conference at UTS featuring the 'Tokyo Two'. Google them. In the arvo I'm off to the State Library with the hope of finding a book for Extention History. If I don't find it, then you can officially label me as 'DOOMED' for the subject. Seriously. If I don't find it I'm walking out of the library, across the road to the Lindt Cafe, ordering 5 hazlenut macaroons and crying my little heart out.