Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magical pairs....

Day 10: Describe your first love and your first kiss
My first love was with a character in the Jimmy Neutron movie. Yes, I was in love with an animated character. Can't remember his name now but I do remember that he was really cool and rode a skate-board.
I'll tell you my first moment where a guy went to kiss me (I rejected him....cause I'm cool like that), because the story is hilarious. I was in year 5, and the guy who I was 'going out with' (by primary school standards), when we were sitting together on the 'silver seats', asked if he could kiss me, due to the fact that all the other 'couples' had kissed. I politely replied, before running off:
"No, because we will get Meningococcal disease". 
You kind of have to love my 10 year old self.....

You all should be very proud of me right now due to the fact that I:
Took me around 3 solid weeks and I'm finally done.

You should also be proud of me because I haven't had a cup of coffee since Sunday! Even though this is because I've run out of money, it's still a good effort!

P.S. The prefect's shirts have the 7/11 symbol up the top, and down the bottom it says 'We are always open'. Provided much entertainment in the common room today. Turns out I'm not the only one with a dirty mind/immature.

P.P.S. I want all the rings on the left finger.