Thursday, February 3, 2011

The awkward moment...

when your Mum just doesn't understand...

Today was, overall, a pretty above-average day. To begin with, I got free coffee in the morning (nothing tastes better than coffee when you're not expecting it), had a productive meeting with Ms Ordell (my 4U mentor), finished Modern hw, finished English homework, and to top it off, Carol bought me a pink donut. Oh, and my birthday is in 20 days.

I can't be bothered doing today's question (10 random songs off Ipod), and my iPod actually died so I can't do it anyway! In place of today's question can I say that I think some people need to look at the bigger picture...that is, if they have one. Just a word of advice? Kthnxbi.

TOMORROW IS THE BEST DAY EVER. I only have to go to school at 11. I might take a yoga class in the morning- it starts at 6am! It's the type of yoga called Kundalini which is all about self-awareness and spirituality. I'm going to start going twice a week because I'm cool like that. Yaaar.

Coming up this weekend for Chloe:
-English belonging story
-Modern- Trotsky notes
-English 4U
-State Library
-Hurzy Library