Friday, February 4, 2011


I've decided to skip the question of my 10 random iPod songs due to the fact that my iPod is now dead and I can't be bothered to charge it.

Day 12: Bullet your whole day

  • Woke up early for yoga
  • Couldn't be bothered going to yoga
  • Stayed in my room which was air-conditioned to 18 degrees, wrapped in my quilt. 
  • Got dressed 
  • Went for coffee at Edmund's and Greer- YIIIEEWWSKIES FOR DOUBLE FREES ON FRIDAY MORNINGS
  • Caught the train
  • Caught the bus
  • Walked through the school gates
  • Went to common room- first time I had seen it empty......was quite wierd
  • Decorated common room with love-heart sticky notes 
  • Wrote up legal notes in library sitting in front of a fan
  • Ate a Wizz-Fizz lollypop
  • Ate a pink-donut- the joys of the SBHS canteen and friends who buy me food.
  • Year Assembly- had to stand out the front to get an SRC award. Awkward....
  • Looked up phones on the internet. I'm going to get a BlackBerry Pearl......EXCITED!!!!!
  • Actually worked in Modern and actually got some actual work done. Actually.
  • Slept in drama
  • Worked in common room
  • Looked in shops at Central
  • Caught train home
  • Saw friends at station
  • Walked home
  • Ate cupcakes
  • Dipped hair in blue food dye. Hands are now blue. Still can't get blue off hands
  • Might go to Max's spa. We'll see. Cause I'm so spontaneous and everything.

We finished the film Orlando (by Sally Potter) in english extension today, and it wasn't like anything I have ever seen before. Soooo post-modern. I guess that's why we're studying it. The topic is post-modernism afterall..

Anyway, to the point. At the end of the film the protagonist, Orlando, said a line which was so memorable that I had to write it down.

"Ever since she let go of her past, she found her life was beginning" 

I don't know about you and your current situation in life, but I found this so motivating and inspiring for me  and 2011.  Now I just sound cheesy. But seriously.