Thursday, March 3, 2011

*31 day challenge

So I'm up to question 30 and there's still one question to go...must have mixed up the question numbers somewhere! Oopsidaise. I have officially renamed this the 31 Day Challenge

Day 30: Your goals for the next 30 days
  • Be satisfied by the results that I get from these up-coming exams. I really want my marks to be consistent throughout the year and I know that if I get bad-ish marks this exam period it won't be all that inspirational/motivating. Good marks will let me know that I'm doing the right thing
  • Sort out my love life. Yes, I sound like a drama queen.
So basically, in the 4 days since I've written, I have:
  • Had two melt-downs. I hadn't cried in over a year but all the pressure/expectations eventually got to me and I kind of broke-down for a little while. Turns out people weren't shit talking when they said the HSC year is alot of work. Awesome friends who put up with my whining help me through those major FML moments.
  • Have gone to the library every afternoon until 6.30. PRODUCTIVENESS
  • Finished my History and Memory essay...don't think it took me long enough....
  • Half-memorised my belonging creative
  • Went to every Optus store in the CBD and at every single one the phone I want to buy was sold out. Woot.
  • Set to work on an abusive letter to City Rail/State Transit/Minister for Transport asking ask to why we can't use our train-passes at the stations in between the two stations listed on our passes. So because of this stupid system, I have to pay for a ticket every afternoon that I want to go to the library. I would much rather be spending that money on coffee.
I don't know about you but, looking back on recent posts, the closer to exams I've gotten the more depressing the content has become. This made me realise that I use this blog as a sort of intervention, and from that thought came the realisation that if you read every blog post back to when I first started it, you would know ALOT, and when I say ALOT I mean ALOT about me. If you don't like reading about my feelings then feel free to stop following this blog whenever you like, and if you want to stay on board HEEELLOOOO! For you strangers who read this blog and feel as if you kind of know me from reading all about my pathetic feelings and thoughts about life....I'M COOLER IN REAL LIFE. PROMISE. *crickets*

Goodnight my minions X