Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everything is Everything

Day 29: Something that you miss
The Summer holidays....I didn't really know what year 12 was going to throw at me, and all that mattered was what time I was going to walk to Edmunds and Greer the next day, or what movie to see....

This is me avoiding finishing doing my essay on post modernism. You shouldn't be reading this due to the fact that lots of page views=me writing more=not doing work. 
The highlight of yesterday was my night out on the town. I went to a Spanish restaurant with a couple of friends and the amazing food, music and dancing made me want to live in Spain!
Also also also, the artist outside the QVB who sells all those drawings in black pens proposed to me. What of it.

I heard a story that officially made my week. My friend was at a library and a guy wrote down the name to a blog and told him to look it up. My friend Googled it when he got home and it turns out it was THIS BLOG! A MASSIVE SHOUTOUT TO THAT AWESOME GUY. Let's get married and have cute little babies...jks...but seriously. Formspring me your name at least!

My exams begin next week so please don't expect that much from me! I'll post what I promised to post yesterday later but apart from that please encourage my studies! I HATE YEAR 12. ZOMGHOMG.