Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 31: Your highs and lows of the past monthI can't really list my 'highs and lows' and you guys already know all of them from my posts from the last month! I would say my real 'high' was my birthday, and my 'low' was my little melt-down which was due to a combination of factors. Basically the whole of last week was a bit of an FML week. The past 4 weeks have been relatively stressful (leading up to exams and such), so there weren't particularly any 'extreme highs'. The month following my exams is going to be sweeeeeet!.
Now stop reading this, click the cross on the top right-hand corner of your screen, and LET ME CONTINUE TO MEMORISE MY ESSAY. Oh, and ask me a Formspring question. Speaking of Formspring, I got one the other day which simply said 'Your blog is shit'.  I was a bit over tired and began to think that maybe I should just stop this blog. Then I realised that one day I'll have something to rant about and want to express my opinion to someone and I'll think to myself that I could have done that on my blog. Because you all are good listeners. So it looks like I'm staying. Yes, you have to continue putting up with me.