Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I just sneezed. Twice.


So I have a number of things I realised today:
  • Flowers are so pretty. I walk past a florist at Central every morning and today it smelt so good that I just stopped and stood outside it like a bit of a lunatic (this is what exams do to you). The flowers all looked so pretty and fresh that I was 99% certain I was going to buy a bunch for one of my friends for no reason other than the fact that I felt like buying a bunch of flowers for someone. I got out my wallet, counted my coins to find that I had $2.70. That's exactly how much a coffee is. Bought coffee instead.
  • I'm actually weirdly obsessed with my new phone. I touch it all the time because it's so pretty. My friend Arielle described it as looking like a 'giant tamagotchi'. So. True. I've called here Belle.
  • Legal Studies exams are not fun. Especially when there's two multiple choice questions with every single choice wrong. Awkies.
  • After a conversation with my friend Louise, I decided that one of my life goals is to get the Transatlantic accent. In order to do so, I need a house in New York and a house in London so I can travel between the two. Better start saving now....
  • I really don't want to get the mark back for the essay I wrote yesterday in English. There was an audio recording that we had to listen to in the exam then use it as a second related text, along with our core text. They played the audio twice, during which we had to write as much down about it as possible to use in our essay. The first time we listened to it, I completely missed her name because she said it so fast. The second time round, I braced myself for when she said her name, pen in hand, then completely missed it again. I heard an 'S' in it so I called her Sternberg throughout my essay. After talking to my teacher afterwards, it turns out her name was Esther. Oops.
  • Carol is amazing for finding the elephant jumper on the internet for me! Wooooo!
  • I'm actually considering getting purple tips instead of blue. Thoughts?
I also really want to wear lot's of bright colours this Autumn/Winter. Methinks I need these boots?