Monday, March 28, 2011


Day 4: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
London. Why? BECAUSE:
1. I could go to Glastonbury Festival every year
2. I will be living in the same country as Muse and One Night Only
3. Topshop. Enough said.
4.SO gorgeous at night
5.Gorgeous accents (I'm totally overusing the word gorgeous today..gawjuss)
6. Just one train trip away from Paris
7. Snow at Christmas
8. No 24 hour plane trips if I want to travel around Europe
9.My favourite weather almost 24/7 (cold, windy, rainy) 
10. I can visit all the places on the Monopoly board...

My morning was AWESOME today. I had an amazing coffee AND they were giving out FREE bottles of Coke Zero out at Central Station. I love Coke Zero, and I walked up and down past all the people handing them out so I could get lots to put away in the common room fridge. Not for sharing. 
Today my friend Hannah brought in a huge box of Cosmo magazines for the common room. Helloooo to my new form of procrastination...I went through about 7 today alone. So. Addictive.
I am now working on some notes on Trotsky. He seriously had such an amazing life. Woah. Very action-packed to say the least.
Now stop reading about me doing work and DO SOME WORK! That's if you're in school. If you're not, sit back and read about Trotsky's life just because it's interesting...unless, you know, you have something better to do......
P.P.S. I LOVE my Tumblr.... not as much as my blog (I'll always be faithful :0), but it's still great fun to post whatever photos I want! I definitely recommend it!
P.P.P.S. I think I'm in love.