Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Day 5: The most amazing thing that has ever happened to you
I honestly can't choose one moment. Recently, it would most likely be genuinely thinking that I failed my legal exam and getting it back today TO FIND THAT I GOT 94%! Wo0o0o0o0oooooo0o0o0o!

How far do you have to go to get some peace and quiet these days? All the distractions at home can be..well...distracting (Sorry, couldn't find another way to put it), so this afternoon, rather than going straight home, I went to a park that I always walk past but have never actually been to. It was just so peaceful, and there's been so much going on in my head lately that it was so nice to be able to lie there in the peace and quiet, doing absolutely nothing before beginning my homework. It was just me in the park (except for a year 10-looking couple making out in the corner of the park), until I heard footsteps. Numerous footsteps. A mum sits down FIVE METRES from me with her two young screaming children. This was when I was about to start my homework. Just as I was finally relaxed, these kids managed to immediately pull me from my seemingly peaceful state and force me back down to reality. I am still at the park, attempting to do my work and these kids are STILL GOING. Kids for me=Nooooo thank-you! I am literally filing through my brain trying to remember the relaxation techniques I've learnt from yoga to prevent me from walking over to those kids and saying/doing something I'll regret!