Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So my exams are over.....and I somehow survived them. It was a bit of a wake-up call- I don't want the next exam period to be as stressful so I'm going to make sure I work my ass off.

My viva-voce went really well, and I'm pretty confident I'll get a pretty good mark....if I don't then that's awkward.

Back in my post from two days ago, I said that after my last exam I will:  catch a bus to Coogee beach with Palto Alto (best book ever....yes, it's written by James Franco), buy a juice from the place next to Chish and Fips and then lie in the sun (it better be sunny) and swim until late afternoon. I will then come home and watch Skins until 7am the next morning.

Yeah. This is what really happened after the conclusion of my last exam: I followed Phoebe shopping around the city thinking how I should really stop wasting all of my financial resources on coffee, caught a un-air conditioned train home, arrived home after trekking it from the station, when Phoebe realises that "Shit! I left my key inside this morning!". I sat outside talking to the dogs and playing Guitar Hero 5 on my phone from 1.15pm-3.58pm. That's a long time to be locked outside when you're hungry and thirsty and want to lie in your bed watching Skins. Mum and Dad then went out for dinner with Mum's bestest friend in the universe from Newport, California (who I'm chilling with for a while after the conclusion of school), while I babysat Chris, watching fishing shows and Modern Family whilst eating lots of Crust Pizza (Tandoori Chicken) until they came home, stocked with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Victoria's Secret stuff from Aunty Di (Mum's BIFFL4LYFE). My relatively crap day was now immediately awesome.

Today, my first day of freedom, I am heading to the city to buy things (yes, Mum and Dad paid me to babysit my own brother....), chill at the Lindt Cafe eating Macaroons with Cindy then progressing over to the Art Gallery to check out Art Express. Sounds good to me. 

P.s. I'm so going here one day
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