Monday, March 14, 2011

The moment when you feel that the only person who understands you is Charlie Sheen...

These exams are nearly over, and I confirm that:
1)They have driven me to the brink of insanity...jks....but seriously....
2)In exams I now write so fast that I don't even bother finishing words, leaving it to the markers to finish off my words
3)It takes basically nothing to make me laugh. I now often find myself laughing at silence, and laughing at the fans in the common room. Yes, fans.
4)Up&Gos are the way to go...second to coffee however. I turned up at the bus stop after hardly any sleep with a coffee, and the bus-stop-lady-officer (the best way to describe her) said to me 'no coffee allowed on the bus'. I just gave her the 'I am in year 12 and am in exams right now, I need coffee to survive and pass said exams, let me on the bus with my coffee or I'll kill you' look and she let me on. Problem solved.
5)These exams have worn me out. It's going to take A LOT of sleep (and watching Skins) to get me back to normal.

Here are some things which have come out of my/friends' mouths this exam period:
1. In response to Phoebe's hole in her school shoe 'When it gets rainy it'll get puddled"
2. 'If there's only one samosa left I get it' 'Ok...I'll have naan then. Get it. Naan' 
3. 'It's so hot in here'  'Yeah, it's an intellectual sauna'
4. 'Can you believe, that like, this time last week, like, Japan was normal and stuff?'
5. 'These exams have made me feel numb. I can't feel emotions anymore'
6. 'I don't have time to watch Glee anymore so I read the summaries on the internet'

My last exam is my Extension 2 English viva-voce, which goes for 15 minutes starting at 9.40am. Everyone please have a minute silence at this point in time to pay respect to what I will be enduring at this point in time.  I will then catch a bus to Coogee beach with Palto Alto (best book ever....yes, it's written by James Franco), buy a juice from the place next to Chish and Fips and then lie in the sun (it better be sunny) and swim until late afternoon. I will then come home and watch Skins until 7am the next morning. Can't wait.