Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal edition

-Mum made me wear a tiara for the entire 6 hours of tv coverage. Didn't end up being too traumatic.
-I thought that Kate Middleton looked absolutely perfect. The dress, the hair, the tiara- everything just made her look like a princess. Beautiful.
-Her sister looked amazingly stunning
-The page-boys were absolutely adorable, in particular the little blonde. Naawwwww.
-The music was perrrrrfect
-When the million people outside Buckingham Palace were waiting all that time for the Royal family to come out on the balcony, the giant black gates dividing them, I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness and anger. These people are only 'royal' because they were born into the family, and those gates are stopping those 'commoners' from going into a palace which is paid for by their tax. Arrrghhhh we live in a progressive society! The royals are the definition of outdated and while I respect their history, it's really time to move on.

Now onto a moral dilemma which arose in the common room yesterday:
In assembly, one of the year 12s had a life-size poster of Justin Bieber for a prefect skit. After assembly, during recess, two year 10s appeared at the common room doors. They asked us if they could keep the poster, due to the fact that one of them is 'Justin's biggest fan'. We said no, because we wanted the poster for the common room. They left, and we posted it on the back of the door. 5 minutes later, the friend of the girl who was 'Justin's biggest fan', turned up at the door again. She said 'You know my friend who you wouldn't give the poster to? You made her cry. Can she please have it'. 
I applaud the fact that she had the guts to return to the COMMON ROOM and challenge YEAR 12s. We told her that it was not our poster but our friend's who was not in the common room at that time, and repeated what we had said previously- that WE WANTED IT. If year 12s want something and say no to you, you don't come back. At least she knows now that crying doesn't get you what you want- I could cry saying that I want to marry James Franco, but that doesn't mean James Franco is going to come and propose to me upon hearing that I was crying.
After she left, Cindy said that she would have given it to her. I told Cindy that:
a) The poster looks great on the door (which it does)
b)We taught her that tears doesn't equal getting your way
c)Being obsessed with Justin Bieber is not normal, and she is now one step closer to getting over this abnormal phase
d)She is now more likely to get a boyfriend-Imagine if she brought a boy home to her room, and he saw that poster on her wall. He would be out of that room and her life as fast as Heidi Montag's chances at ever looking normal again disappeared when she made her self look like an alien.
I now pose you the question: Would you have given the year 10 girl the poster?