Monday, May 2, 2011

Today I wrote down things in my phone that I felt needed to be mentioned on this blog:
1. To all the Sydney kids, I am organising a Harry Potter flash-mob which will take place the day before the final movie comes out (July 14). It will be held at the intersection outside the QVB during one of the red lights at 12pm (when the clock sounds), and then proceed to/finish at Hyde Park. It will be a wizarding war, so I'll make a public Facebook event so people know that they have to choose a side! Should be sweet.

2. I was on the train to school this morning and a really, really attractive girl came down the stairs and sat down a couple of seats away. The guy sitting in front of my, on his laptop, Googled 'Brentstreet' and as I was wondering why a middle-aged man would be googeling Brent Street, I looked over and on the girl's jacket it said BRENT STREET. Was that guy was a perve.... or is Brent street is very good at advertising  Probably both?

3. The Logies.......what is there to celebrate about Australian TV? The winner of the Golden Logie just emphasises the fact that no one really gives a shit about people who should really be getting jobs which will benefit humanity.

4. So Osama is dead.....while I'm glad that he got the ending he deserved, there's not much to celebrate as it's not going to end 'the war on terror' could potentially even make it worse.