Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have numerous things to say on this fine afternoon:
1. Parent teacher interviews went SO WELL. I was fearing the fatal doorbell which would signify my parents arriving home, and when it eventually rang I was preparing myself for the worst. BUT IT WAS AMAZING. They were so happy with my teachers' comments about my supposed "work ethic" that they want me to go out and party more, and do yoga more often to maintain 'balance' in my life. PARTY IN THA YIEW-ESH-AAYY
2. I had the loveliest chat with a mentally-disablled lady on the station this morning. She came up to me and asked about my crab-purse and from then until my train pulled in we talked about how hard it is to get jobs, Edmunds and Greer, clothes, phones, and coffee amongst other things. When my train came we parted ways, and I took a seat. A smartly-dressed woman who looked around my mum's age came up to me and said "Did you know that retarded person who was talking to you?" , to which I replied no, that she was purely a stranger. The lady then went on to say "Oh, because she came up and started talking to me after you left and I ran as fast as I could away from her!", laughing while she said this, then walked away. I was pretty shocked that someone would be so ignorant, and it made me so angry and frustrated how the people HER AGE and of HER GENERATION are the ones who are constantly complaining about our generation are just so self-centred and think that the world revolves around us. I wonder what my parents have to say about this representative of their generation.
3. I hate it when people choose their university degrees based on how high their ATAR is, rather than choosing a course that they're actually interested in and have a passion for. Today it is basically known that if you get 99.95 you either go into Med or Law, not necessarily because the people actually want to do them, but becausee, well, it's Med and Law and they're hard to get into. My dream is get into Sydney Uni law, and it makes me so angry that the majority of people who will be accepted into the course don't have a passion for it and aren't even considering a career in law, or are just considering a career in law because it pays well. HFHSJODGOISDJFKSLDJFLKSD. NGOJDNFGKDNFM. FDS.