Saturday, April 9, 2011


I've officially drafted 'Chloe's To-Do List-Holidays Edition', and it consists of over 20 things that I have to complete before school goes back. Lucky I have friends to keep me sane....
Friday night was reasonably spontaneous. Cindy, Phoebe and I went to an under 18's dance party, and we left after an hour, where we then wandered around Hurstville. In one random Chinese grocery store they were selling jelly fish. I now know what I'm getting my friends for their birthdays. 
We found this spot up on the roof-top car park, where in the distance you can see the city skyline all lit up- even though the surrounds were fairly industrial is was so beautiful. 
Last night I went out to Eleni's dad's surprise party which was held at a beautiful place on Cockle Bay Wharf. I got lost on my way, and when I eventually found the place, I walked up to the entrance and almost bumped into Eleni's dad...if he had seen me it most likely would have ruined the whole 'surprise' element...I literally SPRINTED in the opposite direction, which was a relatively difficult task due to the height of my shoes.  It ended up being such a great night, with a delicious four course meal and THREE birthday cakes. Seeing a group of middle-aged women ripping up the dance floor to The Presets was pretty inspiring to say the least. Towards the end of the party fireworks went off on the water, so we all ran outside, and it turned out to be one of the most amazing firework displays I have ever seen. I actually put down my camera and enjoyed the moment.
Today I slept in until my little brother woke me up, and was dragged outside by Mum for a walk which ended up being very enjoyable. We went to Edmunds and Greer (no sign of Ms Cooke, thank god) and had coffee and macaroons, then walked around the golf course with the dogs. I realised that I really need to get fit again! I've become waaayyy to lazy. 
I've also come to realise that I have an obsession with pictures of locations. Phoebe pointed this out to me after noticing that just about all the photos on my Tumblr are of places. Here are some of my favourite photos of late: