Thursday, April 7, 2011


After tomorrow I am officially on holidays. This term has been so long and drama-filled that I am so glad that I now officially have time off to recuperate. I'm not going away, so it will be nice to stay local and just chill. That said, I have an enormous to-do list.....but I'm sure I'll find plenty of time for socialising...I've been pretty much deprived of it since exams.

Updates on my life:
  • I played hockey today against a South African hockey team and DREW! WOOOOO! All of the girls were so lovely and we took them back to the common room where they took photos of our 'hot wall', had photos with our disgusting fridge because they thought that it was funny, and played for us their 'party' music. It was actually insanely cool...kind of like African dubstep?
  • I completed and handed in my extension history so so so so so so so so glad it's GONE. I literally said to my teacher 'TAKE IT!!!!' because I needed to get rid of it.
  • Tomorrow night I'm going to some random rave....should be a good start to the holidays?
  • I love One Night Only's song they've done for Coca Cola's international ad campaign. Each year a band is selected for the campaign which is based around Coke's jingle 'Open Happiness'. George Craig is sexier than ever....just saying. It's just one of those songs which makes you feel HHAAPPYYYYY. I turned into one of those pathetic teenagers dancing in the clip. Click here to watch it.
  • One the things I want to do these holidays is to take a photo exactly like this.....