Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry I haven't update in a while- I've been so busy with school that:
a) I haven't had anytime to write
b)Nothing particularly remarkable has happened in the past few days

Despite my entire existence being an embarrassing moment, something particularly cringe-worthy happened a couple of days ago.
I was having a relatively crappy day, so instead of going to the library I went to the park near my house, thinking that it would be nice to do my homework on the grass. I was looking at my reflection in a deserted car window so I could do my hair, then when I was done I scanned my eyes through the window to inside the car. To my horror, I was to discover that the car was not so deserted. The chair was reclined, with an older couple lying down on it...yeah....I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

I proceeded to the park, and was recovering from my awkward-moment-on-steroids-moment, beginning to relax and feeling a tad optimistic. Then a family starts having a memorial service for what must have been a family member. I then came home, fell asleep on my bed, and woke up to a giant huntsman spider on my roof.
Cindy called, and I recounted my fml afternoon. She said that she hoped it would get better, and I am pleased to announce THAT IT DID. Eleni bought tickets for us to go to THE 12.01 SESSION OF HARRY POTTER AT GEORGE ST. My life in complete. Well until I meet and marry Francisco Lachowski.

-Last night I went out for my Nan's 71st birthday dinner. It was at this beautiful water-side place, and then we went back to their house for cake. I wuv ma family.
-Today I'm going to the library (no surprise there), then going to a 1990s themed party. WHAT DO I WEAR. FJIOSD;HGJOSDHGUOIDHNFGJOHDNFG.
-Tomorrow I'm going to an 'English Extension Day', and my lecturer is a teacher from my school....awkies...