Monday, May 16, 2011

Today, I was told the coffee lady that we had just finished studying Stalin. I was particularly interested to hear her say that she thought Lenin was just as bad as Stalin. She told me that "Russia is a beautiful country that has always been run by idiots. Don't tell anyone".

Recently Phoebe and I realised how addicted to coffee we are, and it got me thinking: Why do I like coffee so much? What is so good about it? It's just a hot drink, like tea and hot chocolate. I began to think of reasons why I like it:
-The foam, with the sprinkles of chocolate on it. It truely is the best way to start off a drink
-The creamy taste of coffee is just so soothing, I can feel it gradually warm up my whole body
-The armoa is pretty much sensational
-It wakes me up and is energising

Whoever wrote this is definitely a fellow coffee addict: