Saturday, June 25, 2011


Here's why:
I was on my Mac, was slaving away on my extension history (which by the way, is surprisingly coming along ok), and I had just reached 2500 words (the word limit). I had been working on it since 9.00am and it was now nearing lunchtime. Then the unspeakable happened.
The spinning rainbow of death appeared on the screen.
And I hadn't saved my work.
For those who don't have a Mac (lucky you), when the 'spinning rainbow of death' that I speak of appears on the screen, basically if you haven't saved you document you're &^%*&#. I honestly don't know what I did to make Karma hate me. Maybe it was when Phoebe and I were little and used to set ants on fire with our gas lighter. 

Mum made me feel a tad better when she game home from shopping with a cute day planner from Typo (my new favourite shop), and a bag full of cookies from Cookie Man. I swear, when I hand in my extension history major work during the second half of lunch on Friday, I am going to walk out, kiss the floor, press play to the song below, turn it up full blast, and then embark on a victory lap of the school.