Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So here's a quick FYI before I begin my rant:
Due at the end of next week is my FINAL history extension major work, and my first (6000 word) draft for Extension 2 English.
Last week I handed in my second draft of my history extension major work to my teacher. He gave it back to me yesterday and here's how the conversation went- "Chloe...the girl who did this essay topic a couple of years ago made it make fail to do this. Oh, and the word limit is 2500, not 1700". SOOOOOOO NOT ONLY HAVE I GOT TO REWRITE MY ESSAY, I HAVE TO WRITE AN EXTRA 700 WORDS. Whhyyy oh why did I not know the word count?! And HOW can I make it make sense! It's analysing whether history can end!! So yeah, it's proving quite difficult


I've also become addicted to Masterchef. Great timing, I know. Hayden is quite easy on the eye. Kind of like a surfey, Aussie version of Zac Efron. Almost as yummy and delicious as the food on the show (was that too far? I thought it was funny. Or maybe it's me being delirious due to my 3 major works).
Oh, and George Craig (the British Indie-rocker who is my future husband. Click here for an image of the beautiful creature that is George Craig) has a new girlfriend. AND SHE'S A &$%;^%$* X-FACTOR CONTESTANT. I am seriously doubting his taste in women right now. Or maybe it's just me being a jealous teenage girl.

On top of all of this, I have run out of herbal tea, as well as money to buy coffee for the rest of the week. Oh, and my lips are sore and I can't find my Blistex, I lost one of my favourite skull earrings, I spent all my money on clothes just before I found out that Joshua Radin was having a concert on Tuesday night, I got a notification for my next English Advanced and Extension assessments despite our previous exams finishing less than a week ago, I am disappointed that Angry Boys isn't funny anymore (or ever was), Glastonbury Festival has started in England today and I am sitting at my computer in Sydney typing this instead of being there, my fridge is out of milk so I can't make myself a milo or an Irish breakfast tea, I did relatively crapply in drama, I should be doing History Extension but I'm typing this instead of actually making progress on my crap essay, but I can't make progress because I don't understand my arguments, I want to go to bed now but I can't because I have so much work to do, I can't wait until the holidays, but, oh wait, they're two weeks away, I keep telling myself to go for runs in the afternoons but here I am blogging inside whilst eating Oreos, AAAANNDD I want year 12 to end, but hey, that's not happening for a looooong time. LIFE IS LOOKING GOOD PEOPLE (lol jks).