Saturday, June 18, 2011

It was literally last night that I made a pact with Phoebe, Cindy and Eleni that we would all attend the 2013 Glastonbury. Next year's festival has been called off because of the Olympic Games in London, so Phoebe and I went on the website this morning to discover that registration had now opened for the 2013 festival!!!
By then I'll be in second year uni and have a part-time job so it'll be all sweet. Oh, and Muse isn't playing at this year's festival (that starts at the end of this month), so basically it's a given that they'll be performing at 2013. WOOOOOOOOOOOO! If I have enough $$, I might even travel for a bit around Europe. LIFE IS LOOKIN' GOOD PEOPLE. LOOKIN' QUITE GOOD.

Other developments in my life:
-For part of these holidays that are coming up, Phoebe, Eleni and I are going down the coast for a bit of a break at a house on the beach at Broulee. It's going to be thaaa booommbbb.
-The 2nd Harry Potter 7 trailer that I posted below literally made me cry
-My Nan is knitting me a Gryffindor scarf
-I'm in love with my red velvet skirt. A tad obsessed.
-I've started trying out the Clinique 3-Step skin-care routine. THE TONER IS AMAZING HFOEWNFOIUSDJFDSF
-I reeeeeaallyy like Betty Crocker Chocolate Icing. Mmmnnomnnnom
-I'm going to publish this post then go and buy a Maxi-Bon

P.S. I loooooove this song! I remember when Matt Corby sung it on Australian Idol (back in the days when people actually watched it) and I fell in love with both him and this song.

P.P.S. Just in celebration of Glasto 2013 registration