Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So yarrr, I just returned from my getaway to Broulee with Phoebe and Eleni. I had so much going on in that little brain of mine that I think that it would have exploded if I didn't get out of Sydney. Turns out that going down the coast was exactly what I needed in terms of clearing my head and relaxing for the first time in a while.

Here's the trip in bullet points:
  • Car trip down was hilarious. I nearly cried of happiness when we pulled in for a break at Berry and saw that a local cafe sold Toby's Estate coffee.
  • For the first afternoon we put sleeping bags out on the grass and literally just collapsed there playing music whilst soaking in the sun (I swear my skin hasn't seen the sun's rays since we inhabited the year 12 common room). I wore my bikini for the first time in AAAGGEESSS (yay for abnormally warm weather!).
  • Despite being on a beach getaway, we got addicted to the tv show The City. There is nothing better than crappy tv which doesn't require any usage of your brain.I actually want to slap Olivia across the face.
  • I got a substantial (and surprising) amount of study done! I'm a terrible procrastinator, so I had Phoebe lock me out on the balcony with a table, a chair and my textbooks
  • MASTERCHEF AT NIGHT. I'M SORRY, BUT BILLY GETTING ELIMINATED?? REALLY?? Hopefully he'll come back tonight when the revolting Matt gets disqualified. 
  • I watched the Notebook and tried to be a typical teenage girl and cry at the end, but I failed. It's just so incredibly laaaaaamee/unrealistic.
  • We went horse riding down in the valley and I saw what must have been a group of 100 kangaroos. I hadn't been riding since I was in year 10 so it was nice to get back on a horse!
  • We went out for dinner on the last night, and when we drove home we played Eenie Meenie, by the one and only Justin Beiber, full blast. Definite guilty pleasure.
  • At night the stars were absolutely incredible. The sky was literally scattered with stars, and we could see a galaxy which was insanely amazing. It's so sad to think that those stars are always there but because of the smog we can't see them in Sydney.
  • I had the most amazing muffin at the Muffin Shop-Blackberry and white chocolate. Yuuumm.
  • One night we were walking along the beach and there were two guys, one of which was playing the guitar. Everything was so silent that all I could hear were the waves and his guitar.
  • I dreading my return to Sydney, but now that I'm home I'm really motivated/optimistic/inspired. I had so much going on in my head that the clean air of Broulee proved to be just what I needed.