Friday, July 29, 2011

.....yes Chloe..

I just had the unfortunate experience of reading my 'overtired' post below and needless to say, I had a bit of a 'WTF are you going on about you sad loser' moment. Apologies. I hope none of you have long-term mental health issues as a result of my overtired ramblings.

Here are a few pointless but all the more insanely amazing but not particularly that amazing developments in my life as of 4.42 this afternoon:
-When I was playing Fruit Ninja, I had the mind-blowingly incredible idea-TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN. I flipped my phone upside down and now am even more addicted. The fruit falls from the ceiling and there's no gravity, so once you've cut them they fly back up to the roof. AWWWWWEESSOMEEEE.
-I'm going through a bit of an ABBA phase, and in no way am I complaining. My favs at the moment are Knowing me, Knowing you (I'm going to post the video clip for the video beneath due to it's hilarity, despite the song being about divorce) and Does your mother know. 
-I had another coffee from my new place this morning, described in my post below. The waiters are so hipster that it's almost a scary experience having to order. So. Hipster.
-Is is sad that this afternoon I got excited when I remembered that I plan to go to the library tomorrow? I don't know what's wrong with me, but I love my Saturday ritual of buying a coffee at the cafe around the corner from the library then settling in there for the day. There is no better feeling than leaving when it closes and going home feeling so productive that you just can chill without feeling a tad guilty (especially when your trial examinations start next week)
-I'M SO GLAD ELLIE LEFT MASTERCHEF! Now Dani just has to go, and I'll have a huge idiotic grin smacked across my face.